Make a Great First Impression {BTS Link Up}

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I'm linking up with Christina from Hanging Around in Primary and Katie at Pop Into Primary to share our best back to school tips.

Here in New Jersey we don't go back to school until September. So I won't have access to my classroom until late August. Truth is, there isn't a whole lot we can do before we get into our classrooms. But one thing we can do is reach out to the parents of our future students to introduce ourselves.

Make a Great First Impression with Parents

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and the letter you mail home introducing yourself is your only chance to do so with most of your students. I know that not all teachers mail a letter home, but I strongly recommend it. Parents appreciate hearing from you and the little ones get excited that something came in the mail from their new teacher!

As soon as I get my hands on my class list (usually mid August) I mail the following things home to each new student:
  • A letter to the parents introducing myself
  • A list of suggested school supplies and wish list items
  • The web address of our class website
  • A survey for the parents to complete about their child
  • A tiny bag of Jitter Glitter and "Jitter Glitter" poem
  • A postcard (sent separately) written directly to the student 

Summer Letter, Supply List, and Jitter Glitter for Back to School
Here is the letter I send home to each family. Years ago I found a letter on another teacher's blog that I absolutely LOVED and tweaked it to meet my needs. I wish I could remember who it was, I would love to give credit but it was such a long time ago.
Back to School Summer Letter for Parents

This is the page that includes suggested supplies, wish list items, and our class web site address.
Supply and Donation Wish List for New Students
Here is the famous "Jitter Glitter" poem! I cannot take credit for writing this poem, but I also do not know who to give credit to. If you Google "Jitter Glitter" a million versions pop up. In the envelope, I include a tiny bag of "Jitter Glitter" (confetti and purple glitter). You might notice that I ask the kids to just place the bag near their pillow (on their nightstand) instead of sprinkle it like some others do. I don't know about you, but if I had a child, and the teacher asked him or her to sprinkle glitter on their pillow I'd have a heart attack! :P If you like this version of the poem, click here for a copy (minus the note on the bottom).
The big :) I am referring to in the note box above is a smiley face balloon. I get one from the dollar store the night before and bring it with me to the courtyard on the first day. The kids love it! I got this idea from my wonderful cooperating teacher when I was student teaching, and have been doing it ever since!

And lastly- the most valuable thing I send home over the summer: a parent survey. I find that most  of the parents do take the time to complete it and send it to school on the first day. I LOVE reading these! Right off the bat it gives you a little perspective! The survey is available at my TPT store now!

Click here to grab this survey (color and black/white)!
Back to School Survey for Parents

For those of you who have already been teaching a while, what do you send home to parents over the summer? What are some "must have" supplies you request?


  1. Thank you for sharing your survey and all of the cute things you send to your families! And I so agree with you about the bag for the jitter glitter instead of free reign glitter sprinkling- I tell my kids the same thing! ;-)

    1. Diana,

      You are so very welcome! Thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting! Hahah- yes, I'm not cool enough to be okay with "free reign glitter sprinkling". I love glitter as much as the next person, but the idea of a mess and glitter getting all up in hair and eyes and whatever just freaks me out. :P

      Thanks again!

  2. I love Jitter Glitter! Such a cute idea!

    1. Jitter Glitter is the best! :) I think Cara Carroll or Abby Mullins (I can't remember which- I love them both and get them mixed up all the time) call it "Ready Confetti" which is cute idea, too!

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