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There are many things we need to know as teachers that they do not teach you in college. One of the things I wish they would teach students- one thing I truly wish I had a class on, is classroom management.

Sure, we learn as we go- but wouldn't it be great if we went into the classroom with a clear idea of how to do this? If we could start Day 1 with an awesome behavior management plan worked out and prepared? My first year would have been a lot different.

Luckily, I did learn. Eventually. Through the years I've tried different things- read SO many different books. I envisioned a classroom where students were extremely productive, respectful, and successful- and each year I continue to strive for that. Some years it's easier than others. And some things work with certain groups... others do not.

One thing I know for sure is the value of positive reinforcement. Sure, I believe students need consequences for poor choices (more on that in a future post)- but you can really shape desirable behaviors with your students with a solid positive reinforcement system.

I have used many different kinds of incentives in my classroom: stickers, Class Dojo, positive notes home, Star Student, Dolphin Dollars, etc. These things work- but I wanted to add something this year that would really get kids excited. Something that would be brand NEW and very motivating.

That's when I came up with the Catchem' Critter Behavior Management System!

The Catchem' Critter Behavior Management System is a new twist on motivating and encouraging positive behaviors with children. Within this system, all children are collectors and their goal is to catch as many critters as possible and advance as many levels as possible. Children catch new critters by making positive choices. New critters are given at the teacher's discretion. This system is an engaging alternative to giving out tickers, tags, etc.

Here's how it works:

Students collect Critter Cards when they are caught making positive choices.

They store these critters in a booklet called a Critter Keeper.

To make the Critter Keeper you simply need to print the pages front to back (double sided), fold down the middle, and staple. No need to cut! 

There are fifty numbered spaces in each Critter Keeper- one for each critter. 

Upon collecting all the critters in a group, they will level up and receive a certificate and/or reward coupon.

Each Critter Card provides the name, picture, number, size, type, and description of a different critter. There are 50 critters in this system.

Every critter embodies a positive character trait. This is a great opportunity to expand your students' vocabulary, expand on character trait instruction, and explain/encourage ideal traits.

As an option, the system also includes Collector Cards. You may choose to use and display Collector Cards in your classroom (either in a dedicated wall space or on each of your student's desks/tables). You can then attach badges or stickers each time a student advances a level. If you want to keep the children's progress more private, you many want to skip this component. Especially if you have students who are advancing at vastly different rates. This program is all about being positive!

You can keep your critters organized by using plastic bags, envelopes, or folders... but the easiest is to use an organizer. Click here to find the organizer in this picture on

To make the label for each drawer I cut the pictures of each critter from critter cards and laminated them. I learned an awesome trick recently- put just a TINY dab of glue from a glue stick on the back of each picture to keep them from sliding around in the laminating pocket.

You can grab a free sample of the Catchem' Critter Behavior Management System by clicking here!

If you'd like to grab the FULL system, click here.

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!! This is so awesome!!!!! I am actually blown away. I think with all of this recent Pokemon Go stuff, this idea is just brilliant!

  2. What a fantastic idea. I am also surprised that behaviour management wasn't part of your training. It is like a large component of teacher training in New Zealand.

  3. What a brilliant and creative idea! I haven't seen anything like this used in the classroom before. I will definitely be trying this out.

  4. Very cute for kids too little to play the Pokemon Go craze like their older brothers and sisters. They can catch critters!

  5. Brilliant!
    I am a homeschooler with an 11,13, and 14 year old who love the new Pokémon game too. I do not have behavioral issues with my boys, thank goodness, but I could see how valuable this would be in a classroom setting. When I had my classroom I could have used this!

    How are your kids responding? Are the "right kids" motivated?

  6. What a valuable resource. So clever and creative. It can even be effective with older children.

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