Five for Friday | 8/12/16

I'm finally back and linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday! This post is completely random- I'm a little off my game! My last post was in NOVEMBER.

There's nothing like getting mail. Especially when there's a package. Especially ESPECIALLY when there's Erin Condren package!

My beautiful teacher planner for the 2016-2017 has arrived! I spent the night it came getting it ready and applying those annoying but cute date stickers. It was all fun and games until I realized I put the date stickers on wrong for EIGHT of the months. Womp womp. For January through August of 2017 I was looking at 2016 calendars. Sooo after spending what felt like an eternity putting the stickers on, I had to go back and pull them off. FAIL. Currently waiting for a new set of stickers... I'm sure they'll arrive after the school year begins...

Over two years ago I asked my husband for all five levels of Italian Rosetta Stone for Christmas. Over two years ago I swore that I was going to breeze through the lessons and be fluent in no time. (Despite the fact that after two years of Italian in high school and two years in college it still didn't "stick").

Over two years ago was the last time I did a lesson. Yikes. I didn't even complete the first level.

Well, I've finally decided that this will be the year I learn. So far I've been doing it a little every day.  I'll let you know how that goes in two years.

Instead of doing all the super productive things I promised myself I'd do this summer... like organizing all the junk in the basement... organizing the office... getting ready for September... washing the dishes... doing the laundry- Instead of all those things I've been playing Subway Surfer on my iPhone. I know. I'm terrible. My husband and I are obsessed. Notice below that my score is over two million. TWO MILLION. I know, I know... this is probably not something I should tell people.

 If only I had a magnet in real life that pulled money to me everywhere I went. Where can I get one of those?

Last weekend I went to a Jersey Shore TpT Meetup- and it was AWESOME! I learned so much from all of these fabulous sellers... I am so grateful for their patience with me and my million questions. I even brought a notebook and took notes. Yup. I was that girl. I don't even care because it was worth it.

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I'm proud to say that after having The Daily 5 FOREVER (first and second edition), I finally finished it! It's about time. I read The Cafe Book already. I even did a whole presentation on Cafe for grad school. I know I'm a little backwards, but better late than never I guess. Lots of good information in this book- though I will need to adapt it a bit. Unfortunately, we don't have a two and a half hour ELA block like some other districts do. However, I need to shake up my ELA instruction this year and this is just what I need. More on that in a future post...

Have you read The Daily 5? Do you use it? Do you LOVE it? Comment to let me know!